Friday, February 3, 2012

'No Spend' February

Last month, my DW came to me with an idea, a 'no spend' week.  Basically, we would go for one paycheck and only spend money we needed to spend - only bills, rent, food, transport - and not spend money we don't. 

I didn't think that a week was quite enough time to make a difference in either our bank account or our spending habits, so I figured we should expand it to the month of February.  Short month, should be easy.

To offset some concerns, we're each allowed $50 for the month to spend however we want, Valentine's Day is exempt and we get one family dinner out a week.

This is now Day 3, first payday and so far so good.  I used the $50 to cover some Colt 1911 custom stocks that have been sitting in a buddy's etsy store since, well, too long ago.  Meanwhile my wife has the next week's worth of lunches and dinners bought for $150 at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. 

I planned ahead and bought us another 525 pack of Winchester .22lr which means that we should be able to shoot all month at the range for $0.  Cheap entertainment at its finest!