Monday, June 11, 2012

Post LPK update

Ok, got my parts on Saturday to get the lower 75% finished, just need a carbine length buffer assembly and then it's on the parts that touch bullets.

Also, the M&P15 logo will end up being covered up by Flat Dark Earth epoxy paint.  I will possibly get that section engraved with either a replacement M&P logo or else go with the Minuteman from the Liberal Gun Club instead.

Next step is the buffer assembly and then on to the upper receiver!

After the whole build is done and I have function tested the pistol, I'll consider cutting down the LGC custom grips I have, but those will probably just get installed on the Rock Island Armory Tactical .45 I plan on getting instead.

                                              build as it stands on 6-11-2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AR Pistol build

Finally got the partial funding to move a bit forward with my pistol build.  Yep, I said pistol.  I know, I know, Missouri allows Short Barreled Rifles to be owned by anyone that gets their Form 1 returned successfully from the ATF, but I am not ready for that just yet. 

Many of the folks mentioned in my will are not MO residents, so taking possession of an NFA firearm is tricky to say the least.  Also, who knows what the laws will be or where he will be living when my son is old enough to take possession.  On top of that, just handing the SBR off to someone that may want to shoot it is potentially an NFA violation which carries a felony charge and $25,000 fine.  So, no SBR until I get an NFA Gun Trust set up and approved.

Anyway, back to the build.

Previously, I showed my lower and Pearce Gripframe.  Now I have gotten some Magpul goodies that will go on the firearm along with the colorscheme I plan on using.  After getting a Magpul case for my iPhone, I found I like Flat Dark Earth (Magpul Urban Dark Earth is the Duracoat color I'll need to order for the metal bits) and it should make the firearm a bit better for use in hunting.

Parts shown:
Ambi-mounted sling backplate
Front and rear MBUS
Angled Forward Grip (ATF approved for pistols)
S&W stripped lower
Pearce 1911 grip frame
Magpul enhanced trigger guard

I have a CCMG lower parts kit and vice blocks to allow me to clamp down my firearm for assembly on order with Cabela's and will have them on 6/14.  After that, all I need is the carbine buffer assembly and the lower is done.  I also have a gas block/front sight heading my way from a friend in Russleville, MO.  Also I have an attachable m1913 rail coming in for the AFG to be mounted to whatever handguard I go with.

For the upper assembly, I am planning on a 10.5" 5.56 M4 barrel with standard front sight attached to an M3 'flat top' receiver.  For handguards, I plan on either a Magpul MOE foregrip or else a free-floated foregrip with top and bottom rails from Midwest Industries.  If I go withe the free floating handguard, I can mount the front MBUS without issue but it would cost more and require me to cut off the front sight tower from the gas block.  If I go with the Magpul handguard, the AFG would look almost like it was molded onto the guard and I would not have to cut off the front sight tower.

Once I get the buffer tube, then the temptation will be to get the Duracoat 'quick use' set so I can get everything the same tone of FDE. 

More pics and updates to follow!