Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update to AR Pistol build

Here's where my build stands now.  All I need is a bolt carrier group, barrel and gas tube.  Not bad for 6 months and a lot of help from other folks.  I didn't build this on my own.  ;)

Parts so far:
Smith & Wesson M&P15 stripped lower  - Bud's Gunshop, transfered through M&M GUns, St Peters, MO
Cerro Forge A2 upper - Kurt in Russellville, MO
Carbine buffer tube - eBay
Carbine buffer & spring - Mark's Guns, MO
Magpul MOE handguard - eBay
Magpul AFG2 - eBay
Magpul 5-slot rail - eBay
Cerro Forge A2 front sight base - Kurt in Russellville, MO
Noveske KX-3 muzzle device - Kyle in Iron Mountain, MI
CMMG lower parts kit - Cabela's mail order
Pearce 1911 Grip Frame and hard rubber stocks - M&M Guns, St Peters, MO
Ambi rear plate - eBay
Charging Handle - Equipment Exchange on ar15.com
Round hand guard cap - Equipment Exchange on ar15.com
Delta Ring group - Equipment Exchange, ar15.com
Barrel nut - msc used gear seller at St Charles, MO gun show

Once I get this finished, I will get video of me shooting it.

Obama Operatives are invading gun forums!

It seems that either the fevered brain of Joe D'Alessandro has snapped or some NRA-ILA memo is being sent around to 'out' the 'operatives'.  I have been unable to dig up anything on this aside from realguns.com facebook page.  I thought he was kidding, so I put it out there that I must be an Operative since I fit the bill that the NRA-ILA is putting out there.  The above was the response I got.

The truth is, I love guns.  I go to a lot of forums where there is a tendency to blame Liberals for all the anti-gun laws that are out there.  Since I refuse to vote for a former Governor who made MA 'Assault Weapons' ban permanent, I have to back the guy that signed the NDAA and whose AG is a slime bag.

Within minutes of the exchange I grabbed in a screenshot, all of my Facebook posts on RealGuns.com's page were deleted.  I don't know if that was a function of my 'unFriending' the site or if Joe D'Alessandro edited them out.  Frankly, I don't care either way.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is something that I am passionate about.  I'm not too big a guy to admit that my feelings were hurt quite a bit when I was told that all the work and effort I have personally put in to get more Liberals to at least consider going to a gun range was a waste and driven by a politician that I barely tolerate.  It really sucks when a site that claims to want to extend RKBA ends up being nothing more than someone that says 'sorry, that's not for you due to your politics'.

If folks like D'Alessandro want to ignore the rapidly growing segment of gun owners that do not fit in the ILA's narrative then they will not have us as allies in the fight to keep our guns where they belong, in our hands and not the shredder.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

An email that was sent to the Democratic National Committee

Since the Platform has now been amended to include God and Israel, why not make some more changes?
In an email that we sent to the DNC, the following changed verbiage was suggested:

"Firearms. We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans' Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. We believe that the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation, much of which is already in place. We understand the terrible consequences of gun violence; it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and our time here is limited and precious. We believe in continuing the honest, open national conversation about firearms. We will focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like exploring the use of a BIDS-type system, encouraging responsable gun ownership and proper storage options—so that the number of guns falling into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few can be reduced or eliminated."

Information on BIDS can be found here: http://www.gunlaws.com/BIDS%20v.%20NICS.htm One concern is that the BIDS list would be handled like the TSA's "no fly" list, but that can be avoided by utilizing the current methods of resolving NICS inaccuracies on a Deny result.

As a party, we have come a LONG way from where we were in '94 on this issue. Removing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as a wedge decisive issue would remove the teeth from anti-Liberal groups such as the GOA and NRA-ILA. The '94 Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to stem the tide of gun related crime and in fact caused a plateau of crime while it was in place based upon a study of the FBI UCR data from '94 through '04 which then has declined steadily again after the expiration.

I have CC'ed other Gun Owners' Caucuses from OR, AZ and TX to keep them appriased of our suggestions from here in Missouri.

Thank you for placing Firearms in the Civil Rights portion of the Platform where it is a much better fit."

Yours for a Democratic Victory,
Erik Olsen
Interim Chairman

This is the text of a blog post that I put up on the Democrats.org site for the DGOC of MO.  The message was CCed to the other Gun Owners' Caucuses around the country and they were in agreement.  

If GOP pundits and Israeli S-PACs can change things from the outside, perhaps Democrats on the inside can make changes as well.  Diane Fienstein will object, but she is but one voice in the party.  Her lack of willingness to learn about this issue is a splinter in the eye of responsible gun owners everywhere.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democratic Gun Owner's Caucus of MO is GO!

After several months of trying to figure out how to get a Gun Owner's Caucus set up, it's done.  Here in MO it is easy, just start a group and get members, no formal decree from the state Democratic Party is needed.

Democratic Gun Owner's Caucus of MO on Facebook is the facebook presence, we already have a few Missourians and several other folks from other states as well.  While we may not have time to really throw our support in favor of specific candidates for November, I have personally reached out as Interim Chairman of the Caucus to the Democrats in the State Senate and have the full support of Marie Chappelle-Nadal who is the Senator from my home district.

If you or anyone you know who owns firearms in Missouri, is a registered voter and tends to vote Democrat please tell them about this group. 
Feel free to email any ideas, comments or questions to democraticgunownersofmo@gmail.com

The DNC has dropped gun restrictions from the national platform, let's make sure that pro-gun Dems get elected in our state.  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is neither a Conservative nor a Liberal right, it is a human one.