Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sorry for the absence, things have been interesting.

As most who follow this blog know, my family lives in the 63136 zip code.  Before August 9th, 2014, the only folks who knew that zip code lived in it or delivered mail/packages in it.  Before then I had to describe where we lived to folks who lived in St Louis most of their adult lives.

Thanks to the actions of both Officer Wilson and Michael Brown at 1:15pm on that date, EVERYONE knows where Ferguson, MO is located.

I've been trying to think about how to blog about what we went through.  At the time, I was posting solely on FaceBook about this.  Today, I've decided to copy all of my #Ferguson posts from FB to this medium.  Here is our story thus far:

Praying for peace in Ferguson Missouri tonight.  (Night that wholesale looting happened, QT burned, Red's BBQ was damaged and WalMart was looted.  After this point for three weeks, WalMart pushed all of their carts and pallets of water bottles inside their entry foyer to block entry after 9:00pm; the store is open until 11pm everyday...)

After the message that the St Louis County Police Dept released about the current situation earlier today, it is clear they are willing to let the whole area burn because we are all cop hating looters. Right now they are just staring at the looters hitting Sam's Market.
Castle Rock v Gonzales is the playbook; Serve and Protect is a lie, it is enforce the law at all costs.
Multiple police agencies were called to Ferguson early Saturday morning following reports of violence.

Had enough, went to the range.

What are your thoughts on this?

When police militarize a situation this is how those if us on the citizen side of the Thin Blue Line view them.

Martial Law declared. Anyone who refers to any of my fellow citizens here as animals or subhumans will not be tolerated. Things have gotten bad here and I am under enough stress already. Fair warning.

Everything is going to be posted in miles from Ferguson, isn't it?
A 23-year-old man armed with a knife is dead after two police officers shot him in north St. Louis.

Why isn't the Militia between the protestors and the cops? Are they afraid of ‪#‎Ferguson‬?

If Ferg PD won't use their cameras then Ferguson will use theirs.
Ferguson Man Forms an Inspiring Team with Cop Watchers to Hold Police Accountable
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(Ferg PD got the three cameras they 'were missing funds for' donated by three different businesses and have the cameras on the streets as of Sept 25.)

Still being reported as the Ferguson Community Center which is several miles away from the Dellwood Community Center where it took place. I ask again, why was a Ferguson PD officer patrolling an area that is under County policing?

Erik Olsen commented on an article.
So, there was a Ferguson cop checking out the DELLWOOD Community Center and NOT a County cop? WTF?
St. Louis County police are searching for the suspect who shot a Ferguson police officer Saturday night.

Due to responses on this event, my FB friends list has shrunk.  Several folks advocated burning down my neighborhood due to actions taken by folks from IL, TX, AZ and other parts of MO.  Many used racial epithets describing the looters and lumped the protesters in with that group.  I do not maintain relationships with folks who are racists, life is too short to write off entire groups due to hate.  I also do not maintain relationships with those who wish harm to befall my family.  I am not a 'sheepdog', I am a 'porcupine'.