Sunday, May 12, 2013

Range Report #1 - it did not blow up!

Got out to a friend's private range on Saturday to both verify my build and my hand loaded ammunition as well as to teach my son to shoot.  It was an excellent day, 100% accomplished.

I am now addicted to the immediate response from shooting at AR500 steel targets.  Paper and shoot-n-see plastic bullseyes are boring in comparison.  When you hit, you hear it.  When you miss you see the dirt cloud from the berm.  Bowling pins are almost as fun.  ;)

I also got to use my new optic, an EOTech EXPS3-0.

I got my new optic in a weird way for me.  I won it.  Field and Stream is working along with EOTech to celebrate EOTech's 1 millionth manufactured optic milestone by giving away one set of EXPS3-0/G33 magnifier per month to a lucky entrant to their mail-in sweepstakes.  I am the March 2012 winner.  Since I currently have an A2 upper the magnifier is not something I needed right now, so I sold it for a bit less than retail but was able to use the money from it's sale to finish paying off the 2000 Impala.  Win/win!

I had a forward mount that attached to the carry handle and put the red dot somewhat co-witnessed with the iron sights but the rail is way out of spec and the EOTech will NOT mount to it.  I have a new/used mount on it's way to me from an eBay purchase which should work MUCH better.

I had hoped to get pics of the kiddo shooting, pics of my wife shooting and video of my AR but the phone ran out of juice and I forgot to pack our camera.  Fortunately, my friend was gracious enough to give us an open invitation to return at any point.

My son is eagerly awaiting his 10/22, which I hope to have purchased for him before the end of summer.