Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama Operatives are invading gun forums!

It seems that either the fevered brain of Joe D'Alessandro has snapped or some NRA-ILA memo is being sent around to 'out' the 'operatives'.  I have been unable to dig up anything on this aside from realguns.com facebook page.  I thought he was kidding, so I put it out there that I must be an Operative since I fit the bill that the NRA-ILA is putting out there.  The above was the response I got.

The truth is, I love guns.  I go to a lot of forums where there is a tendency to blame Liberals for all the anti-gun laws that are out there.  Since I refuse to vote for a former Governor who made MA 'Assault Weapons' ban permanent, I have to back the guy that signed the NDAA and whose AG is a slime bag.

Within minutes of the exchange I grabbed in a screenshot, all of my Facebook posts on RealGuns.com's page were deleted.  I don't know if that was a function of my 'unFriending' the site or if Joe D'Alessandro edited them out.  Frankly, I don't care either way.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is something that I am passionate about.  I'm not too big a guy to admit that my feelings were hurt quite a bit when I was told that all the work and effort I have personally put in to get more Liberals to at least consider going to a gun range was a waste and driven by a politician that I barely tolerate.  It really sucks when a site that claims to want to extend RKBA ends up being nothing more than someone that says 'sorry, that's not for you due to your politics'.

If folks like D'Alessandro want to ignore the rapidly growing segment of gun owners that do not fit in the ILA's narrative then they will not have us as allies in the fight to keep our guns where they belong, in our hands and not the shredder.  


  1. Trust me, as his wife, I hate tripping over his non-existent gun stuff. (Metaphorically speaking, of course!)

  2. Good point and hopefully you don't feel the same way over at gunpolitics.info and it's facebook page - one of the several goals i have for my blog is creating a place where folks on both sides of the road can both keep up to date on what is going on regarding firearms in politics as well as to communicate with one another in a civil manner. While personally I did not and don't like romney much more than i do Obama the election came down to one simple fact for me - who picks supreme court replacements. Legislation is far easier to overturn than a supreme court decision. But am i going to ban someone for voting for obama? no