Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where we are at today.

Ok, time for an update. After the number of times I've dropped this blog into conversations on FaceBook I feel the need for an update.

AR pistol build is not as stalled out. As a way of saying 'thanks' for running a group buy of their new lowers, a very new AR manufacturing company in Florida is sending me one of their first bolt carrier groups. Now I just need to get that 12" barrel on order from Surplus Ammo (Black Hole Ordinance).

Folks, we are deep in a horrible situation. Ammo supplies are starting to come in but no primers will be available until either July or August. Powder and bullets are also in short supply but are starting to trickle back in.

Many factors have lead to where we are at today. Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt has been sewn by both sides of the gun restrictions argument. Folks that never considered owning an AR platform firearm have spent two or three times MSRP to get them, magazines are trickling out, companies like Cheaper Than Dirt! have gouged customers on the cost of previous stock and ammunition has flown off the shelves.

I was close to getting rid of my project. Thankfully that does not seem to be happening now.

The truly odd thing was the run on .22lr ammo. It seems that a lot if folks felt it was the End of Days...

I'll get more into my thoughts and feelings of discussions I have had and friends/foes I have made on FaceBook and other online communities at a later date. I'm having too nice a day to do so.

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