Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Note sent to Southern Poverty Law Center

Hi Daniel, I'm not sure if you remember myself or my wife W. but we are concerned about the 'Patriot' report. 

Do we fit your current definition of Domestic Terrorists?  We do not feel that the federal government has any right to say who I can sell my private property to and have been working to increase the enjoyment of folks' Natural Rights to self defense.

I am an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Much like the rest of our Civil Rights, minority access has historically blocked either by force of law or by the cost of entry.  While I do not fit their demographic, I agree 100% with the Deacons of Defense and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (the old school one, not the recent hate group) that everyone who has not separated themselves from their rights.

Backing gun restrictions is saying that Bull was right to block MLK's application for a concealed carry license.

Please think carefully about any response you have on this issue.

'Armed Liberal In Missouri'  (I did use my real name)
Former Asatruar, current gun rights advocate.


Years ago, my wife and I were actively supporting the SLPC.  Now, they have released a paper on 'domestic terrorism' which defines Second Amendment supporters as teh same as John Birch Society or other Right Wing groups.

They may have just lost my support.  I am awaiting their response and will post it here.


  1. Former Asatruar in St. Louis metro area who enjoys firearms and ISN'T a staunch conservative Republican? It's almost odd that we haven't run into each other already. I'm actually more of an agnostic Heathen and moderate liberal, but still a somewhat unique set of personality traits. Nice to "meet" you.

  2. Like most of my ancestors, I 'hedged my bets' and went Lutheran. ;) Really, I just follow the teachings of Joshua binJosef; 'love thy neighbor as thyself' seems to work for me better than 'chew on a shield and get the red up'. I haven't been active in paganism for over a decade and my liver thanks me. ;)

    I post on r/Guns a bit and am also a member/Swag Slinger for the Liberal Gun Club. We have a good forum if you haven't checked it out yet.

  3. We shoot at Ultimate Defense as often as possible, may be out that way on 3/10 to proof check my AR pistol.

  4. Still no response from Daniel, et al. Sad, really.