Sunday, April 15, 2012

It begins!

On Friday I excersized by 2nd Amendment rights and have now started my AR build.
     *  Smith & Wesson M&P-15 stripped lower
     *  Pearce Grips AR-1911 grip adaptor
     *  Custom 1911 stocks from my buddy Tim's Etsy store in their green respendant Liberal Gun Club selves.

Got the grips installed and within two weeks I will have the lower parts kit.  I'll have to remove the grips in order to get the selecter/safety detent pin and spring installed as I do not have those parts just yet.

We celebrated how quickly I passed the form 4473 process (I did forgo my paranoid fears and put my SSN # on the form.  I have no doubt that this helped) by going to Ultimate Defense and getting some trigger time on their rental S&W M&P-15 and my DW put 50 .45 ACP downrange on their rental Springfield Government 1911A1. 

It turns out that since the NRA was in town, KMOV 4 wanted to get some information on women who shoot guns after speaking with Mr Bastian (owner of at the NRA Annual Meeting and Trade Show earlier Friday afternoon.  They did interview Ms ALIMO but only used footage of her and not her interview.  I overcame my temptation of putting my Liberal Gun Club hat on her for the interview.  LOL

I did not attend the National Meeting and Trade Show for one simple reason.  I am not an NRA-ILA member and have no interest in joining at this time but may in the future if they decide to agree that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is _NOT_ just a Conservative position but one for all people.  In the past, the NRA fought for gun rights for individiuals and supported politicians that did the same.  At some point after Mr la Pierre took over, the tone and targets changed.  Now the NRA is working to increase teh gun rights for those who would most greatly benefit the firearms manufacturers and Conservative interests.  For example, in 2004 and 2008, the NRA backed several Democrats and Independants that held strong RKBA beliefs and had histories of working to preserve these rights.  In 2008, a feaver pitch was reached when 'OBAMA WILL STEAL YOUR GUNS!' was the battle-cry.  In 2010, all non-Republicans were thrown under the bus.  Now in 2012 the 'OBAMA WILL STEAL YOUR GUNS!' is the message again, causing there to be major runs on guns and ammo.

The current run on guns and ammo will keep me from finishing my AR-15 rifle build in May as I had initially planned.  Manufacturers are hitting it huge, orders are piling up and things are going out of stock faster than they are being replaced.  Even the manufacturers that historically are on the bottom end of acceptable are getting record orders and have waiting lists for shipping dates.

The level of FUD spread like pasture pucks has gotten out of hand.  Membership in the Liberal Gun Club is growing daily.

And here are some pics of my build in progress:


  1. I am your big sister and I feel I should comment, but I will let anything other than the last part of the sentence be the total of said comments...