Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another great weekend with a good trip to the range.

Labor Day weekend has gone past and the kiddo is back in school.

We went to the range a bit after church on Sunday.  Had fun shooting a Hi Point 995 Carbine and my wife shot a Glock 19.  Once we both finished our 50 rnds of 9mm, we switched over to .22lr pistols.  She had a Chicappa 1911-22 and I shot some Taurus .22 9-shot revolver.  After our fun was done, I filled a gallon ziplock back with brass from the range.  I got a couple hundre .45 ACP easy and another few pounds got added to the box of spent brass that I will be sending to WV to trade for gun money.

Once we were done shooting and got cleaned up, we spent some time in the 'pro' shop at the range.  My wife fell in love with a SIG 238 Rainbow (under $680, that will probably be her xmas present) and she and my son were thinking about getting me a Mini-14 in .223.  Not a bad rifle, but not terribly practical.  I won't say no if I get it, but I might not hang on to it long.  I am now leaning twards getting a Rock Island in .38 Super so I can reload for .380 9mm and .38 Super without having to stock a bunch of different bullets.  I still want to get a .45 1911 as well; the LGC does have a Sprinfield RO on the sale wall...that's why I am not naming the place!  lol

That's all for now.  I didn't get to the Labor Day parades like I had hoped to, will need to do that next year.  :)

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