Thursday, September 15, 2011

The family goes to the Gun Show

Well, it finally happened, I got my family to go to a gun show last Saturday.  Met some nice folks, got to check out some good deals, some not so good deals and still managed to walk out with almost nothing purchased.  I did get a line on a high-cap Bersa 9mm for significantly less than the standard street price (as well as wifely approval to get it...after she gets her SIG 238!)

My biggest concern was for my 9 yr old son.  He doesn't tend to do well in cramped quarters with a fair bit of people, so I was VERY pleased that he lasted almost an hour in the show before he got overwhelmed.  Mainly it was the rifle barrels pointed at him on the tables, he said.  He did say that he knew they were not loaded but it still made him uncomforable to be 'flagged' every time we went past a booth.  Also, we were done with almost everything by that time so it was ok to go.

I was glad that there was very little political 'nonsense' going on there.  There were pro-gun bumper stickers, of course, but nothing truely inflamatory.  A lot of the vendors said that they prefer this show's promoter since they are a local company and the money stays in the local area, unlike the other major gun shows that are run by a company from another state.  There was a lot to see and we will be going back for sure in November if we're not traveling for Thanksgiving or at worst January.

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