Friday, September 2, 2011

Time to stick to a budget

Well, it's happened.  I've hit adulthood.  Time to budget my income properly so I can be sure that my family gets their fun.  The kiddo needs to be able to get his allowance (so far he's much better at saving money than his old man!) Momma needs to get what she needs and I need to stay on track to get the things I would like to have.  Also, it's a good idea to keep the power and internet on as well as ensure that I can get to work to earn the money for the budget.  Thankfully, we have an awsome landlord.

Since we live in one of two school districts in Missouri that has been taken over by the state (and neither have gotten better enough to regain their acredation) the kiddo gets to go to private school.  When we first moved here, we were able to get him into assisted home schooling via a program that lost funding last year due to the budget crunch.  Fortunately, we got him into a good one.  Unfortunately, it costs a decent amount of money each month for us to have him in there.  Thankfully, it is as good a school as what my wife and I each had attended when we were growing up so that's a good piece of mind.

What that means is that my entry into True Hobby Shooter is a bit on hold.  We're still renting our 'ordinance' from the range when we go there, so that'll save me some cash on reloading supplies.  ;)  thankfully, my wife had the foresight to get us the good membership so all we have to pay for in order to go shooting is our ammo and gas to get to the range.  As soon as we have something that can be reloaded for then we'll be shooting more.  I could say we'd save money but that would be a lie.  ;)

My plan as it stands right now is to keep collecting brass when we go shooting, save the 9mm and .45 ACP as that is more than likely the calibers we'll be shooting and send the rest off to a FFL01 in West Virginia who grants store credit at a higher rate than I'd get for selling or scrapping the brass locally.  He also does lay-away and carries a good selection of new guns at his shop so that will more than likely be where Christmas gifts for the wife and I will be coming from.

Unfortunately, the money situation means less traveling in the enar future than I was hoping for.  I just have to stay healthy so that when I convert from a contractor to an employee I'll have some vacation money coming to me for unspent vacation time.

On a different note, here's a link to a buddy's Etsy shop, where his firearms-inspired woodcrafts are being sold.  I ahve two of his reloading trays and will have some 1911 grip stocks on order here shortly.  he does great work and is also a fellow member of the Liberal Gun Club.  Tim's Etsy shop

With luck, I'll have a range report from this glorious three-day weekend.  At worst, as long as the weather holds out, we'll be at the St Louis Labor Day parade on Monday and I'll post pics from that.  labor built this country and hopefully can get us out of this near-Depression level resession we're in.  We have a lot to thank the labor movement for in this day and age, that is for sure.  Corporations are not looking out for their workers, just their stock holders and bottom lines.  While my position is in the blurry area between Labor and Management, I do come from a union background of which I am proud.

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