Monday, July 9, 2012

Buffer tube installed

I fixed the issue I had with the front pivot pin detent without having to buy anything new or fancy.  I found a steel nail that was 3/32" in diameter and cut a length of it that would work as the detent.  Installation of this improvised detent pin went far better than the one supplied by CMMG.  Front pivot pin is now working as designed.

At this point, the last bits I need for my lower is the buffer (going with an "H" carbine buffer to start with) and the buffer spring.  Once I have those, I'll get a few cans of Rust-Oleum 'nutmeg' and 2-3 cans of clear flat enamel.  After the paint dries, I'll be wrapping the buffer with coyote 550 paracord.  I may add some red paracord into the mix to show off the weave pattern, not sure at this time.

Current plan for the upper will go one of two ways.  Either I'll drop $350 + S/H on a DSArms 11.5" flattop upper w/bolt carrier group or I'll part an 11.5" upper together.  It just depends on finances.  Odds are that I'll be parting one up with parts from Surplus Ammo which would cost more in the long run but would mean less money put out at once.  Since I have the vice blocks for the upper assembly as well as a good armorer's tool from ATI, I'm not worried either way.

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