Monday, July 23, 2012

What firearms law changes need to be made to make us safer?

Answer:  none.

A lot of my fellow liberals are calling for increasing the restrictions on guns in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.  I fundamentally disagree.  The actions of a lone nutcase should not be used as an excuse by the power elite to force law abiding gun owners to surrender their guns.

Calls for more 'reasonable' gun laws on Facebook have been met with the following quote from Yours Truly:

Explain to me who's definition of 'reasonable' we are going to use. I prefer George Mason and Thomas Jefferson's, they are two of the greatest Liberal minds we as a country have had.

Why not just scuttle the 4th and 5th Amendments and allo
w Anti Gun cops to check every house. I mean, they'd go into the safes and remove all of the legally owned guns. We'd be safe then, right?

The 2nd Amendment is an individual right thanks to the 1903 Militia Act. Sorry, I for one have NO issue with this at all.

Many other blogs have written about the perspective of firearms owners on the tragedy so I won't go into that here.  I maintain that Liberals should be the ones leading the fight to ensure that all parts of the Constitution are upheld and if anything is onoerous the proper steps be taken to change them.

Several folks have called for the 2nd Amendment to be re-written.  If they feel that this is something that the majority of the country would agree with, I encourage them to draft the Amendment, call a Convention and get 33 states to ratify the changes.  I also recommend that they not blame the 'Gun Lobby' when this measure fails. 

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